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I can Breathe!

By , Tuesday 16th June 2009 in Health & Fitness

I've been taking Singulair (montelukast) tablets the past week to help control my asthma when I exercise and found that I could do a full 2-hour workout without using my reliever inhaler once!

I've also increased the dosage of my other tablets yesterday and I am feeling much better after last weeks downturn.

I had a really good workout last night, the troubles of last week have not re-occurred. I've changed my diet quite a bit (still vegetarian!), and I am eating more protein rich foods and more carbohydrates before I workout. I now eat a protein/carb high lunch followed by mixed nuts in the afternoon, a jacket potato with beans for an early tea and I workout in the evening.

Maybe it was the change in diet, maybe it was because I can now breathe, or a combination of both. I'm feeling full of energy today and much better than last week.

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