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Google Trends (Keyword Comparison Tool)

By , Thursday 19th June 2008 in SEO

Google Trends is a tool that allows comparison of two or more keywords on search volume and geographical comparisons. It can allow you to optimise keywords on your web site increasing both visitors and conversions.

The tool is based on showing comparisons, so searching for only one term will only show a trend line, but with nothing to compare it to the data is a little meaningless.

The tool can be used to identify the most common alternatives to your keywords. You can type in a comma separated list of related keywords into the search box and Trends will show you a graphical representation of the search volume over time. You can use this to target your content and keywords for higher search volume keywords.

Google Trends
Google Trends

For example, say your site was dealing with protective eyewear; your keywords may be "safety glasses", "safety spectacles" and goggles. Plugging these into Google Trends shows that the term goggles is searched far more than safety glasses, with safety spectacles coming last with no search data. You may as well not have spectacles in your keywords because they are not searched for, thus creating more space for important keywords.

Another feature of Google Trends is its ability to overlay news related to the search term, showing how events affect search popularity.

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