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25th October 2010Gaming
A guide to the new industrial ships in Eve Online, listing their cargo hold capacities and speciality capacity for both alpha and omega clones.
22nd October 2010Gaming
A list of the basic ammunition and charge types in EVE Online. View the stats of each ammo type and find the optimal charge type for your next battle or confrontation.
21st October 2010Gaming
A guide to mining in EVE online showing each of the asteroid types, mining yields and spawn locations. You can use this chart to plan what to mine to get certain minerals.
20th October 2010Gaming
Each of the different NPC factions have their own unique damage types which you can tank and deal damage to. This cheat sheet shows you each factions strengths and weaknesses so you can fit your ship for optimum damage and tanking.
15th October 2010Gaming
Eve Online is a space game similar to the old classic Elite or Privateer games, except that it is also a massively multiplayer online role playing game. EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players.
11th August 2010Gaming
When I were a lad, back in the day, one of the things I did to pass the time was to play computer games. Among my favourite was Elite, a simple game that provided months of entertainment.