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EVE Online Damage Type Cheatsheet

What to tank and what to shoot

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EVE Online Damage Type Cheatsheet

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Each of the different NPC factions has their own unique damage types which you can tank and deal damage to. This cheat sheet shows you each faction's strengths and weaknesses so you can fit your ship for optimum damage and tank.

FactionDamage Dealt (You Tank These)Weakness (You Shoot These)
Blood RaiderEM(50%)/Thermal(50%)EM(45%)
Sansha's NationEM(60%)/Thermal(40%)EM(45%)
Angel CartelKinetic(35%)/Explosive(50%)Explosive(45%)
Rogue DronesKinetic(35%)/Explosive(50%)EM(40%)
The SevenExplosive(35%)/Kinetic(35%)Thermal(30%)
Mordus LegionKinetic(60%)/Thermal(40%)Thermal(45%)/Kinetic(45%)

Drone Damage Types

EM (Acolyte/Infiltrator/Praetor)
Explosive (Warrior/Valkyrie/Berserker)
Kinetic (Hornet/Vespa/Wasp)
Thermal (Hobgoblin/Hammerhead/Ogre)

Last updated on: Thursday 7th September 2017

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