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My Edinburgh Photography from my time working in Leith, Edinburgh during 2014.


  1. Gary

    Great article. I do some website design and "I am" color blind. I think my website for breeding cats www.jungletouchexotics.com is most likely off on the colors.

    I am currently looking for something that will match colors for me. i.e. website, a program, a friens etc.

    I am red green color blind and it is a challenge for sure. I tried the color blindness filter on the website and saw no difference nor what it does. sigh.


  2. Randall G. Leighton
    Randall G. Leighton

    This is an excellent article, Tim. I'm a web developer in California and am not color blind. However, I have friends and clients who are. I'm trying to raise awareness among web designers of the condition and how it impacts the work they do. It's interesting you're coming at the problem from the other side. While, I believe, you're primary concern is making the page attractive in terms of pleasing colors my main concern is making sure the page is legible.

    From my point of view, turquoise lettering on a light gray background looks beautiful. However, I've learned turquoise looks gray to many color blind individuals. Thus, making what I see as beautiful both dull and illegible.

    As you point out, there are several pages that are intended to show how colors/web pages look to color blind individuals. There's even one that lets you adjust the degree of color blindness. But, it wouldn't be possible to have a similar example for color blind web designers because you don't see as many colors. For example, I see 4 distinct colors that all appear as gray to you. How would you take a shade of gray and know which color it maps to for me, especially if it's a color you've never seen? Personally, I find it an interesting issue since it has implications about how much of reality we are all blind to.

    With your permission, I'd like to link to this article from my blog. Also, if you'd consider being a guest writer sometime for my blog, that would be great. Of course, if I can assist you in any way at all please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again for a wonderful article.

    1. Tim Trott
      Tim Trott

      Hi Randall

      Thankyou for your words. Of course you may link to my site. I'll have to think about something to write about on your blog!


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