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Dudley Zoo

The Dudley Zoological Gardens are a 40-acre zoo located within the grounds of Dudley Castle in the town of Dudley, in the Black Country region of the West Midlands, England. Dudley Zoological Gardens is not only home to a large collection of endangered species, but also an 11th century castle, the world's largest single collection of Tecton buildings, and an important geological site.

  1. Vaidee

    I have exactly same problem as James has - does not contain a constructor that takes '0' arguments.

    Also the list of date formats does not get populated at all ?
    what could be going wrong. I reviewed the code over and over again, but could not fathom why this is not getting populated.

    I must however say this is a great tutorial and I have benefitted most.

    Do kindly respond as I would like to see this project properly completed.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. matsolof

    Interesting tutorial for a C# beginner like me.

    I understood most of it up to this line:

    "Add this code into the dateTimeToolStripMenuItem_Click() method."

    What does this mean? Where do I put the code?

    I would appreciate an explanation, as would other C# beginners, I think.

  3. Jeff C
    Jeff C

    The zip file does not contain all the necessary files. It is missing the form named frmInsertDataTime.

  4. James

    Thanks for these tutorials, very useful newly coming from VB/VBA. I following the above, am having trouble with the line frmInsertDateTime frmInsertDateTime = new frmInsertDateTime(); which gives the error 'WindowsApplication1.frmInsertDateTime' does not contain a constructor that takes '0' arguments.
    I cannot see where I have gone wrong - would you be so kind as to send me a zip file of the whole thing?
    Kind regards

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