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Last updated on: Thursday 23rd March 2017

  1. Catherine

    Hi Tim,
    I have enjoyed your article on colour, as I'm thinking about how to teach it, it is very clear. I wondered if I might use your tints and shades colour wheel in my work?

    Also, what is your understanding of the word 'Tone'? Does it mean colour mixed with grey or just a word to describe the shade or tint of a colour?


  2. Francisco

    Hey Tim, i don't know if you still read this, but i wanted to ask you something regarding your "Calling IBM iSeries RPG from C# using API Calls" post. Have you called APIS successfully? I am calling the QUSLSPL API, to show the spool file data on a webpage, but i am having issues with the SPLF0200 format, which i need because i also want to read the spool file contents and that format is the only one that gives you the internal spool file identifier. My problem is that when using SPLF0200 you get a list of parameters back with non fixed lengths, like a Reserved parameter, so i don't know what sizes to choose when receiving the data in the cwbx.Structure variable.

    For each key i choose in the SPLF0200 valid keys format (see: i get the following values:

    BINARY(4) Number of fields returned
    Offsets vary. These fields repeat, in the order listed, for each key field selected. BINARY(4) Length of field information returned
    BINARY(4) Key field for field returned
    CHAR(1) Type of data
    CHAR(3) Reserved
    BINARY(4) Length of data returned
    CHAR(*) Data
    CHAR(*) Reserved <--- this is the one i am having trouble with.

    Since i don't know the size of the reserved variable, the next variable i am reading returns "garbage", because i need to leave the correct space in the structure to read the proper data.

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