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This category contains tutorials and code snippets for Wordpress and include theme and plugin creating, widgets and other code snippets to customise or enhance the Wordpress platform.

Setting Up New WordPress Site
Once WordPress has been installed, there are a few WordPress settings that you need to update before you make your site live - such as removing the "hello world" post and updating your blog description.
How To Install WordPress Themes and Plugins
WordPress has a powerful theme system which not only allows you to "skin" your site, but also provide more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website.
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Creating Widgets for WordPress
Wordpress widgets are Wordpres plugins that can be used to add functionality and content to your website pages, usually in a sidebar. This tutorial shows you how to create your own widgets for your own Wordpress theme, plugin or addon.
How To Create WordPress Widgets with Control Panels
It is more than likely that your Wordpress Widget will need to have some user configurable settings, so why not include a settings form within your widget?
Prevent WordPress Showing Posts of Sub Categories
In some types of website you may wish to display ONLY the posts of a category and not posts of its child categories on a Wordpress blog.
Reduce your WordPress Bandwidth Usage (and Page Load Time!)
I have recently discovered a method by which I can reduce my overall monthly bandwidth for this website by 500MB. Using the same technique I have reduced the bandwidth on another of my sites by 3500GB.
How To Create WordPress Widgets
Wordpress plugins are pieces of addon code that extend the functionality of Wordpress, either behind-the-scenes or extra visual code. Widgets allow these code segments to be quickly and easily added to predefined sidebars on most themes.
Using WordPress Custom Fields
One of the many features of Wordpress you may have noticed whilst writing posts is the Custom Fields section that appears at the bottom of the new post screen. This is a very powerful feature allowing additional information to be attached to a post.
Removing Smart Quotes from WordPress Posts
Wordpress has a nice feature that converts the standard quotes ( " ) to pretty "curly quotes" or "smart quotes" as they are called. This is all well and good on a textual blog, but when it comes to programming code, it can be a real pain in the proverbials.
Easy WordPress Breadcrumb Trail
This is a great function which you can use to output a breadcrumb trail navigation links on your blog.