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Microsoft Windows is probably the most widely used operating system in the world among consumer PC users. These tutorials provide helpful tips in getting the most out of Windows and Windows software. Tips include fixing common annoyances and productivity tips.

Windows 10 Upgrade: How to Upgrade
Upgrading Windows 7 64-bit to the latest Windows 10 Professional - Install guide, settings and optimisations and initial Windows review.
Black Screen after Installing ATI Catalyst Drivers
After installing ATI Catalyst drivers in Windows and Linux, you may encounter an unmovable black screen from which you can do nothing, even though everything else about the computer seems to work.
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Have You Tried Turning if Off and On Again?
If you have ever asked your IT support department to fix a problem you've been having with your computer, chances are they'll ask "Have you tried turning if off and on?"
iTunes – Still the Worst Software Ever Made!
A new stereo in my Defender for music and running out of options to make the thing work, I contemplate dusting off my iPod and    installing iTunes for Windows again. Let's see how things compare to my last experience with it and if anything has changed.
Disabling Zip Files Integration in Windows 7
Improve performance of Windows 7 by disabling indexing and integration with ZIP and CAB archives.
12 Fantastic OneNote Productivity Tips
As a recent convert to the awesomeness that is Microsoft's OneNote, I thought I take a few minutes to share some of OneNotes top productivity tips that actually work!
Using Remote Desktop Gateway v8 on Windows 7
A few weeks ago Microsoft released an update for Windows 7 SP1 which updates the RDP client to version 8.0 so that it can be used in conjunction with the latest protocols in Windows 8 and Server 2012. Under some circumstances the update will fail to apply and Remote Desktop will fail to connect, especially if using a Remote Desktop Gateway.
How To Debug Windows Crash Dumps (Minidump)
Fed up of those pesky Blue Screen of Death's? Find out what crashed your computer with this short tutorial on using the Microsoft Debug Tools to analyse unexpected system reboots and locate the driver or programs responsible.
Uninstall FlexNet Software Updates Manager
How to uninstall FlexNet Licensing Service created by InstallShield to add convenience for a program to check for its updates and manage licences. It is being installed by many programs such as Photoshop however the program’s developers haven't use it the way it was intended for. This has been a long-time annoyance as it is useless anyway.
Remove Bonjour Service from Windows
Here's a guide on how to safely disable, remove or uninstall the Apple Bonjour service and associated files (mDNSResponder.exe and mdnsNSP.dll). Just follow these few simple steps to reclaim your internet connection.