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Web Design

Our Web Design Tutorials contains resources to help you get started in web design and useful tips for designing an effective, high quality web site. The tutorials cover technical coding as well as graphic design, colour theory, typography and performance.


Creating Web Designs in Photoshop
02/04/2016Graphic Design Web Design
This tutorial takes you through creating a web design in Photoshop which is a great tool for create web designs, or mockups, for sending to a client for approval.
100 CSS3 Pagination Styles
15/11/2015Web Design
Website pagination is a crucial aspect to any layout with repeating content allowing content to be split across multiple pages. These styles are able to be copied and pasted into your designs.
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Why Website Loading Times Are Vital – How to Improve Yours
08/05/2014Web Design
When it comes to website loading times and performance, every second counts. A poorly performing site will turn visitors away in droves, rapidly decreasing your conversion rate.
Optimise Images for the Web
11/02/2014Web Design
One of the most important website performance ranking factors is to make sure that you optimise images for the web.
Improve Website Speed by Enabling Compression
22/12/2013Web Design
Google has long stated website speed will impact search ranking, but how do you go about improving your website speed?
Responsive Web Design – 5 Reasons for Upgrading
06/08/2013Web Design
Responsive web design is the only practical design for a modern business web site. Google is encouraging businesses that use separate web sites for computers and mobile devices to combine them into a responsive web page. This article gives five reasons business should switch to responsive web design.
Skeuomorphic Design
13/06/2013Web Design
Skeuomorphism is a design pattern that makes things look as if it is made of something else. This week, Apple announced that their new iOS7 operating system is going to scrap the traditional look of its icons which mimic real world objects, such as the envelope for a message.
Minimal Responsive Mobile First CSS Skeleton
20/02/2013Web Design
A minimal, no nonsense, responsive, mobile first CSS3 skeleton which demonstrates media queries for varying screen sizes. No frameworks, no JavaScript just the absolute bare bones.
How to Prevent Closing Multiple Tabs in Chrome
08/07/2012Web Design
I'm sure we've all done it - open up loads of tabs to work on and accidentally click on the "Close Chrome" button instead of "Close Tab" only for Chrome to completely close down including all tabs you were working on or browsing. Very frustrating. There is help though, and this short guide will show you how to prevent Chrome from closing multiple tabs.
Creative Logos with Hidden Meanings
02/01/2012Web Design
Here is a collection of famous creative logos that have a secret hidden meaning. Once you have seen the hidden meaning, you can't help but notice it every time!