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Internet security & privacy articles and tutorials on how to protect yourself from viruses, phishing emails and other scams, the latest security threats and new developments in online security,


Protection Against Cross Site Attacks
30/07/2016Security & Privacy
Cross site scripting is another prevalent form of attack on a web application, and in this tutorial we are going to find out what a cross site scripting attack is any why they are so successful as well as how to mitigate these risks.
What are SQL Injection Attacks?
23/07/2016Security & Privacy
SQL Injection is an extremely prevalent and dangerous risk to any web application and is so easy to perform. A SQLi attack can lead to sensitive information being leaked directly from the database, malware being served, data integrity compromised and so on.
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Parameter Tampering and How to Protect Against It
10/07/2016Security & Privacy
parameter tampering is a method by which malicious hackers attempt to compromise your application through manipulating parameters in the URL string. This can cause applications to perform in ways the programmer did not intend, especially if invalid data is encountered.
What is Internal Implementation Disclosure?
08/03/2016Security & Privacy
Internal Implementation Disclosure is the process whereby your web application leaks information about the software being run, the server technology and operating system to a malicious hacker.
Cookie Security and Session Hijacking
01/03/2016Security & Privacy
Cookie security is a very important aspect of every website and goes hand in hand with HTTPS encryption and session management.
What is Cross Site Scripting? (XSS)
10/02/2016Security & Privacy
In this tutorial we are going to learn about Cross Site Scripting, or XSS as it is sometimes known. We'll look at the concept of untrusted data and input sanitisation.
Man in the Middle Hacking and Transport Layer Protection
20/01/2016Security & Privacy
Transport Layer Protection is the process of protecting the data we send over the internet. When you request a page from a server, your browser will send a request header to the server, any sensitive information is not, by default, secured. We must enable security before sending data over the internet.
Ultimate Guide to SSL for the Newbie
10/10/2014Security & Privacy
This is a guide to SSL, how it works, and it provides the total newbie with the right information needed to get started with secure online transactions.
History of Cryptography
07/01/2014Security & Privacy
Everyone has something to hide, and thanks to the latest developments in codes and encryption, the art of concealment has never been easier.
Why Privacy Matters
30/11/2013Security & Privacy
Privacy Matters. It's a hot topic at the moment with the Edward Snowdon leaks, conspiracy after conspiracy over mass government surveillance in the name of freedom. Apparently , if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, but what does privacy mean to you?