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Visual Studio

Visual Studio is the development environment for Microsoft .Net Framework with C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net and Windows application development. It is an integrated development environment containing all the tools needed to create applications and websites. These tutorials show you how to get up and running with Visual Studio as well as productivity tips and articles to get the most from Visual Studio.


10 Visual Studio Tools You May Not Know About
05/07/2010Visual Studio
The Visual Studio editor has hundreds of features and tools for the developer. I'm going to list some of the tools that I find particularly useful, which most experienced developers I talk to don't even know about!
Windows Vista Style Glass Buttons in .Net Forms
02/06/2010Visual Studio
This downloadable class lets you add a Windows Vista style glass button to your Windows Forms projects. You can change the colours and add rounded corners, the font is nicely anti-aliased as well.
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List Box Data Binding in C# Windows Forms Application
08/09/2008Visual Studio
Using datasets and SQL Server to bind data to controls is all very well and good, but what if you don't have a database? You could add items from an array or list using a foreach loop, but luckily there is a better way.
Localising Microsoft .Net Applications with C#
23/07/2008Visual Studio
In this tutorial we will have a look at localising Microsoft .net applications using resource files and satellite assemblies.
Using Resource Files in C# Applications
23/07/2008Visual Studio
Resource files are primarily used to hold files associated with the application, such as images, sounds and other data objects. Resource files can also be used to localise applications to specific cultures.
Creating and Implementing Satellite Assemblies
23/07/2008Visual Studio
If you plan on localizing your application (making your application customisable for different languages and cultures) you should use satellite assemblies and neutral code.
Creating and Using a .NET Assembly in C#
22/07/2008Visual Studio
Visual Studio provides easy methods for creating and using a .Net assembly. In this tutorial we look at creating an assembly and how we can use different methods for incorporating it in our projects.
What is an Assembly in Microsoft .Net?
22/07/2008Visual Studio
Assemblies in the .Net platform are a solution to a problem that has been around as long as libraries. The problem, known as "DLL Hell", can be caused by one application overwriting a shared library of another application, usually with a different version.
Visual Studio Task List
28/05/2008Visual Studio
Visual Studio contains a nice feature that is a Task List. This view is similar to the Output view, but shows all the tasks associated with the project or solution.
Tracing and Remote Debug in ASP.Net
02/04/2008Visual Studio
By default, ASP.Net will show a default "Server Error in Application" message when an unhanded exception occurs, something that is not very secure but useful for debugging. If you are working on a live box this is not a very secure way of working, it is much better to log the errors and handle the problem transparently to the user. This process is Tracing.