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SQL Databases

Database programming tutorials for MySql and Microsoft SQL Server, with tips on performance optimisation and how to use the data in PHP, C#, ASP.Net and JavaScript.

Create Table in SQL Server IF it does NOT Exist
01/05/2011SQL Databases
There are many reasons to create a table using a script, and a quick check if the table already exists will eliminate problematic errors, however Microsoft SQL Server does not provide a completely user friendly way for testing table existence.
Calling IBM iSeries RPG Programs with SQL Stored Procedures and C#
26/05/2010C# SQL Databases
In this tutorial we will look at calling IBM iSeries RPG programs with SQL stored procedures. I have found this method to be the best, both in terms of flexibility, scalability and performance.
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Using C# to Add an ODBC System DSN
24/05/2010C# SQL Databases
This short snippet can be used to add odbc system dsn data source on the fly without having to enter Windows Control Panel to configure manually.
Importing CSV File Into SQL Server Using Bulk Insert
15/03/2010SQL Databases
How to import CSV file into SQL Server or how to load CSV file into SQL Server table are two commonly asked questions that have an easy answer.
Querying iSeries DB2 with ADO.Net
29/01/2010C# SQL Databases
In this tutorial I will show you how to connect ADO.Net to an IBM DB2 server such as a system I, iSeries or AS400. We will also look at using parameters to create secure query strings.
Calling SQL Server Stored Procedures from C#
01/07/2008SQL Databases
Stored Procedures are sub routines which are exposed to applications accessing relational databases. The subroutine is stored within the database data dictionary and are often used to encapsulate data by providing validation or returning results of a query.
Protecting MySQL from SQL Injection Attacks with PHP
20/06/2008PHP SQL Databases
A guide on how to properly protect your MySQL database from SQL injection attacks by using a little common sense, good programming practices and PHP.
Importing and Exporting XML from a DataSet
18/06/2008C# SQL Databases
The .Net Framework and ADO.Net both contains strong XML support; in fact XML forms the backbone of data communication in .Net. One of the features you will almost certainly need to use when dealing with 3rd party data providers is to import or export XML data to and from SQL Server and/or managed code.
Creating SQL Server Stored Procedures in C#
04/05/2008SQL Databases
In this article we will look at creating stored procedures using C#. We will query the database to ensure that the procedure does not exist before we add it to the data dictionary.
Reading Excel Spreadsheets with C# ADO.Net
02/04/2008C# SQL Databases
Microsoft .Net provides a various methods to interact with Microsoft Office programs through the use of ADO.Net. This tutorial will look at the methods and techniques for reading data stored within Excel spreadsheets.