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Our collection of programming tutorials show how to use various languages, provide code snippets for common tasks, and tutorials about getting started and introduction to programming.


Converting a String Name into a C# Type
There are many occasions when you need to convert a string (from an XML document, database, file and so on) into an instance of a class. For example when you need to create an instance of a class, but the exact type is unknown. This example will show you how to get a type from a string and use reflection to create an instance of it.
Extending the Web Sitemap Xml Document
In this tutorial we will have a closer look at the web.sitemap document for website navigation and see how to extend it by binding to custom attributes.
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C# String Formatting Examples
C# like many other programming languages uses special format characters when constructing a string. These characters affect they way in which data is presented on the screen.
List of .Net Culture and Country Codes
A comprehensive list of ISO culture codes and country codes used for localising .Net applications in conjunction with the CultureInfo class. Culture codes are also used throughout the Windows operating system for defining regional settings.
10 Visual Studio Tools You May Not Know About
05/07/2010Visual Studio
The Visual Studio editor has hundreds of features and tools for the developer. I'm going to list some of the tools that I find particularly useful, which most experienced developers I talk to don't even know about!
How to Download Files With C# from a Web Server
Microsoft .Net framework provides a set of classes that manage Internet communications and one in particular can be used to download a file from the internet to the local hard drive. This can be used to download a data set, for example, or to download program updates.
Creating Controls for Windows Forms and C#
Just like ASP.Net, Windows forms allow the creation of custom controls to extend or enhance existing controls or to create brand new functionality.
Windows Vista Style Glass Buttons in .Net Forms
02/06/2010Visual Studio
This downloadable class lets you add a Windows Vista style glass button to your Windows Forms projects. You can change the colours and add rounded corners, the font is nicely anti-aliased as well.
Calling IBM iSeries RPG Programs with SQL Stored Procedures and C#
26/05/2010C# SQL Databases
In this tutorial we will look at calling IBM iSeries RPG programs with SQL stored procedures. I have found this method to be the best, both in terms of flexibility, scalability and performance.
Structured Programming Languages
Programming languages come in all flavours, each with there own style and layout, from BASIC to C#. A structured programming language follows a methodology where the logic of a program is composed of simpler sub-structures, like building blocks.