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Our collection of programming tutorials show how to use various languages, provide code snippets for common tasks, and tutorials about getting started and introduction to programming.


Binding an ASP.Net Control to a Generic List
.Net makes it very easy to bind its own data objects to data controls, but there are times when you may wish to bind a generic, or even custom data structure, to a data control. This tutorial will show you how to bind a generic data object and a custom class to data bound controls so that they behave exactly the same as the .Net native data structures.
Calling Win32 DLLs in C#
How to import methods from a non-managed Win32 API call using Platform Invocation Services (PInvoke). PInvoke allows managed code to call unmanaged methods that are implemented in a DLL.
If it were easy, anybody could do it.
XML Transformation and Stylesheets (XSL)
XML is a machine-readable format similar to HTML. Stylesheets can be used to transform this data into human readable or pretty print versions for use on the web, documents or print.
Simple String Encryption and Decryption with C#
In this tutorial we will look at implementing the cryptography object in C# to encrypt and decrypt information, either passwords or connection strings and prevent unauthorised eyes from prying at your passwords.
Posting Form Data to Remote Site using HttpWebRequest Post
Using this snippet of code you can easily send data using HttpWebRequest Post. The data is sent via the HTTP POST method to a remote server from your code behind.
Simple Directory Listing in C#
This little C# code snippet will produce a recursive Directory Listing in C# and get a list of all the files and folders in the directory, returning them as a formatted StringBuilder object.
Saving User Preferences and Settings within your C# Application
Microsoft .Net provides a powerful method for storing and retrieving user settings - something almost every application will at some stage need to do. This article will show you how to quickly and easily save settings to the Registry, to a SQL Database or to an XML file.
Create Table in SQL Server IF it does NOT Exist
01/05/2011SQL Databases
There are many reasons to create a table using a script, and a quick check if the table already exists will eliminate problematic errors, however Microsoft SQL Server does not provide a completely user friendly way for testing table existence.
A Lorem Ipsum Generator Written in C#
This class will create a Lorem Ipsum generator that can be used to create the famous "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" used for a natural looking dummy/placeholder text.
Quality Assurance and Management
Quality is often used to describe a product or project outcome, but what is quality? How do you define a quality product? Where does quality come from?