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Our collection of programming tutorials show how to use various languages, provide code snippets for common tasks, and tutorials about getting started and introduction to programming.


Image Tiling in Delphi
This procedure will take a TImage instance loaded with a bitmap, and tile it over the area of the destination. Use for creating seamless background textures on forms or controls.
Delphi Get File Size
This procedure will get the file size, in bytes, of a specified filename.
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Delphi String Case Conversion
These procedures will convert the case of a string to Title case, Sentence case or toggle the existing case (convert upper to lower and lower to upper case)
Grab Screen Shot with Delphi
This short procedure will capture the current screen contents to a Bitmap which you can manipulate or save to disk.
Add Or Remove Startup Items in Delphi
These two short methods will allow you to easily add or remove program startup entries to the system registry to auto load applications when Windows loads.
Comparison of Search and Sort Techniques
In 1973, Knuth said, “There are many best methods depending on what is to be sorted on what machine for what purpose”.