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Active Server Pages (ASP) are Microsoft’s answer to PHP taken a step further. ASP is a platform upon which web applications can be created and deployed within the Microsoft .Net framework.

What’s New in MVC6 and Why MVC6 is the Best Yet
There are lots of changes introduced in MVC6, not least of which is a new view engine to replace Razor. This tutorial outlines the changes to MVC6 and explains why this is the best version yet.
.Net Core and Why it’s the Future
Microsoft's latest focus is on .NET Core as the future of its development platform. In this article we look at what .Net Core is and how it differs from Microsoft's .NET Framework.
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Simple ASP.Net Caching in C#
A short ASP.NET caching snippet written in C# for ASP.Net or MVC which stores data in the cache reducing page generation times.
XML Transformation and Stylesheets (XSL)
XML is a machine-readable format similar to HTML. Stylesheets can be used to transform this data into human readable or pretty print versions for use on the web, documents or print.
Posting Form Data to Remote Site using HttpWebRequest Post
Using this snippet of code you can easily send data using HttpWebRequest Post. The data is sent via the HTTP POST method to a remote server from your code behind.
Extending the Web Sitemap Xml Document
In this tutorial we will have a closer look at the web.sitemap document for website navigation and see how to extend it by binding to custom attributes.
ASP.Net Disable Buttons during AJAX Postback
It is an often overlooked requirement that buttons or controls be disabled during an AJAX postback event to prevent repetitive clicking, a minor problem which can become more serious depending on the action being taken. Payment processing for example can result in multiple payments or orders if not handled correctly. There is no in-built function to handle this, but you can add a short Javascript snippet which will perform the task well.
Using C# to Recursively Call FindControl in ASP.Net
In ASP.Net I often need to use the resucsivly use FindControl to get an object reference to a control on the ASPX page. The only problem with this is that you need to know the control that it is contained with. This recursive method will search for a given control within a parent control and all it's child controls.
Adding StyleSheets to ASP.Net via C#
In some situations you may want to add link information to the html header, for example stylesheets or RSS feeds. This can be done by hard coding into the .aspx file but what about dynamically adding links? In this tutorial we will see how to manually add HtmlLinks using C# code behind.
Introduction to Microsoft MVC.Net
Introduction to the Microsoft ASP.Net MVC framework showing you everything that you need to build an application using this tool.