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Over the years I have amased large amounts of experiance and information, including building and maintaining desktop PC’s, servers and laptops, computer programming and software engineering, project management, web design, gaming, data recovery and much more. I hope you that by reading the articles on this site you find something useful. If it does, please take the time to say thanks!


What is Internal Implementation Disclosure?
08/03/2016Security & Privacy
Internal Implementation Disclosure is the process whereby your web application leaks information about the software being run, the server technology and operating system to a malicious hacker.
What’s New in MVC6 and Why MVC6 is the Best Yet
There are lots of changes introduced in MVC6, not least of which is a new view engine to replace Razor. This tutorial outlines the changes to MVC6 and explains why this is the best version yet.
It always seems impossible until it's done.Nelson Mandela
.Net Core and Why it’s the Future
Microsoft's latest focus is on .NET Core as the future of its development platform. In this article we look at what .Net Core is and how it differs from Microsoft's .NET Framework.
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
05/03/2016Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful image editor, but it can also be very intimidating to the newcomer. If you want to start using Photoshop but don't know where to start, this tutorial will get you started.
Cookie Security and Session Hijacking
01/03/2016Security & Privacy
Cookie security is a very important aspect of every website and goes hand in hand with HTTPS encryption and session management.
27/02/2016Graphic Design
Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed.
Colour Theory
20/02/2016Graphic Design
Colour is by far one of the most important elements in graphic design. Different colours evoke different feelings. This article explains how colours can be used to create feelings and moods.
Graphic Design Elements & Principles
13/02/2016Graphic Design
Graphic design elements and principals are very important, and once you understand them, you will become a better designer. These tips are beneficial to amateurs and professionals alike and correctly utilizing them will improve your graphic design skills.
What is Cross Site Scripting? (XSS)
10/02/2016Security & Privacy
In this tutorial we are going to learn about Cross Site Scripting, or XSS as it is sometimes known. We'll look at the concept of untrusted data and input sanitisation.
What is Graphic Design?
06/02/2016Graphic Design
Graphic design is the art of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience in a way that is pleasing to the eye and gets attention.