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Linux is an Open Source computer operating system designed primarily for the PC but also available for a wide range of other systems. These tutorials can be of benefit to beginners looking to get started in the world of Linux computing.

Switching from Windows to Linux
Windows 10 has been out for over a year now, and for the most part has been accepted well. Still, some people aren’t happy with the privacy issues and the amount of tracking, not to mention a few security issues, and may be looking for an alternative...
Creating a Ubuntu File and Media Server
In this article I'm going to show you how I setup my home file and media server using Ubuntu Server 14.04 using Samba and Plex media server.
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Installing MCrypt and cURL on Ubuntu Server
For some unknown reason the default installation of PHP on Ubuntu Server does not install two popular (and often required) extensions - MCrypt and cURL. This guide shows you how to install and configure these two extensions.
Long Delay After Entering Username via SSH
For a while now I have been plagued with long delay after entering username each time I log into my Ubuntu server via SSH. Very annoying!
Linux Hardlinks and Softlinks
Linux has the capability to create links to files, similar to shortcuts in Windows, except that they work at the filesystem level. These links are come in both hard and soft versions, each referencing different addresses.
Enabling Recycle Bin like functionality in Samba
Having recently delete some files by accident over a Samba share, I though that it may be a good idea to have something similar to the Windows Recycle Bin so that deleted files are moved and can be easily recovered without risking loss of data. The recycle bin can be emptied periodically and gives an extra layer of protection for your data.
Basic Data Recovery in Linux
Argh! Too busy on doing 6 things at the same time and during a slight loss of concentration I've deleted files which I need! What do I do? How do I get them back? How do I undelete files in Linux?
How to Remount Filesystem Read-Write in Linux
Linux (and Android) have the ability to mount a file system read only to prevent unauthorised modification, particularly to system files. This guide shows you how to remount these file systems so that changes can be made.
Essential Guide to Working with Files in Linux
In this tutorial I am going to go through some of the command line tools used to perform basic operations on files, as well as reading and writing on the command line.
Installing Ubuntu on Acer Revo
I will shortly be setting up my own web design and development company and I have decided that I need to have a development web server and so I am going to use a net top pc running Linux to serve that purpose. This was originally going to be my notes on how to set-up the server, but I have posted it here just in case it can help somebody else.