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Over the years I have amased large amounts of experiance and information, including building and maintaining desktop PC’s, servers and laptops, computer programming and software engineering, project management, web design, gaming, data recovery and much more. I hope you that by reading the articles on this site you find something useful. If it does, please take the time to say thanks!


Switching from Windows to Linux
Windows 10 has been out for over a year now, and for the most part has been accepted well. Still, some people aren’t happy with the privacy issues and the amount of tracking, not to mention a few security issues, and may be looking for an alternative...
Protection Against Cross Site Attacks
30/07/2016Security & Privacy
Cross site scripting is another prevalent form of attack on a web application, and in this tutorial we are going to find out what a cross site scripting attack is any why they are so successful as well as how to mitigate these risks.
There are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters.Boris Johnson
What are SQL Injection Attacks?
23/07/2016Security & Privacy
SQL Injection is an extremely prevalent and dangerous risk to any web application and is so easy to perform. A SQLi attack can lead to sensitive information being leaked directly from the database, malware being served, data integrity compromised and so on.
Parameter Tampering and How to Protect Against It
10/07/2016Security & Privacy
parameter tampering is a method by which malicious hackers attempt to compromise your application through manipulating parameters in the URL string. This can cause applications to perform in ways the programmer did not intend, especially if invalid data is encountered.
Introduction to the Printing Process
16/04/2016Graphic Design
We will have a quick look at some of the print processes involved in getting digital artwork into print and cover some rules you should follow to avoid disappointment.
Introduction to Adobe InDesign
09/04/2016Graphic Design
Adobe InDesign is the industry standard publication application and in this tutorial we are going create a business card whilst looking at the features..
Creating Web Designs in Photoshop
02/04/2016Graphic Design Web Design
This tutorial takes you through creating a web design in Photoshop which is a great tool for create web designs, or mockups, for sending to a client for approval.
Tracing Artwork in Adobe Illustrator
26/03/2016Graphic Design
This guide shows you how to use Adobe Illustrators powerful artwork tracing tools to rapidly convert scanned artwork into vector illustrations.
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
19/03/2016Graphic Design
A brief introduction to using Adobe Illustrator for creating vector based illustrations, logos and icons. We will cover navigating around the application, basic tools, working with shapes and layers and applying filters.
Introduction to Photo Editing
12/03/2016Graphic Design
Photo editing, or manipulation, allows designers and photographers to improve photos in countless ways. This can be as simple as cropping and rotating, or complex such as creating composite images.