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Cheddar Gorge Extended

By , Sunday 7th March 2010 in Hiking South West

An extended tour of Cheddar gorge after a bright idea "let's go that way" and get lost. Anyway we found a few new vantage points for some photos less often seen.

Our original plan was to start off at the toy museum, walk around the gorge and down Jacobs ladder, then back up and round in reverse. However one bright spark decided to head up onto a hill to see what's there and carry on seeing what's over there until we get miles off our track. We then decided to find the road, scale the cliff and pick up the route on the other side. It made for an adventure, but we can't be venturing off the path up Snowdon in a fortnights time.

Total Distance Walked: 6.1 miles (9.87 km)
Time Taken: 3 hours 18 minutes including time to stop for lunch.

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