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Cars & Bikes

This is my collection of petrol head writings, be it about my cars, my bike, mechanics, motoring in general and a few of rants and raves about the state of the roads/traffic/people on them. You can also see what cars and bikes I have owned and their specifications.


Farewell to the Mercedes 190E
1st June 2012Cars & Bikes
After failing a MOT test for only having tires on the legal tread limit, I drove home only to find that the breaks no longer worked! Literally no breaks!
I Have A Full Unrestricted Motorbike Licence!
28th September 2011Cars & Bikes
I've finally completed all four (4!) parts of the bike test, passed MOD 2 test first time, and given a full motorbike licence!
My New Toy! A Kawasaki VN800!!
10th September 2011Cars & Bikes
Picking up my new Kawasaki VN800, a long day on the road, this time in a hired Transit van heading to the South East, Hastings, in particular, to pick up my new motorbike ready for when I pass my test later this month.
Farewall to the Mercedes 320e
6th September 2011Cars & Bikes
The time has come to get rid of my poor old Mercedes 320e, which I have had for a couple of years now.
Motorbike MOD 1 Passed - 3 out of 4 Done!
23rd August 2011Cars & Bikes
Today I passed my motorcycle MOD 1 test with flying colours, leaving one more test to do before I can ride on my big bike.
Weston Bike Night
5th August 2011Cars & Bikes
After some persuasion from my brother in law, we took a trip down to Weston for the weekly Bike Night organised by the Riders Branch of The Royal British Legion.
My New Car: Another Mercedes!
28th April 2011Cars & Bikes
With the Mercedes 320e rapidly on its way out I've just bought another Mercedes - a 190E this time an older model not effected by decomposing electrics and bodywork!
I Have a Motorbike!
26th May 2010Cars & Bikes
The wait is finally over and my bike has been delivered today! It arrived around 10 am in glorious sunshine, clear skies and a cool gentle breeze.