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Canon Selphy ES30

By , Tuesday 29th December 2009 in Reviews

My Christmas present - a compact photo printer from Canon which uses dye sublimation to create lab quality photo prints.

I wanted to print off some of my best photos and put them in an album, but I didn't want another ink jet because in the past the ink has faded or it was easily scratched off. Ink jets in photo albums also used to stick leaving half the ink on the cellophane protective sheets.
Canon Selphy ES3 550
Canon Selphy ES3 550

Dye sublimation works by infusing dye into the paper which creates a more determinant print very similar to the process used by digital photo print labs.

The Selphy is Canons range of compact photo printers and this model primarily works on 6x4 postcard size paper. Paper and ink is loaded together using a special cartridge and each cartridge can print 50 postcards. Each of the postcards have a tear off strip to remove the white borders.

Printing can be done by inserting a memory card directly into the printer and using the on board software, or you can connect to a desktop pc with a USB cable (not included). Once you tell the printer to print, it loads a postcard by first spooling it out the bottom of the printer then rotating it through 90°!

It then proceeds to print the yellow ink, then the blue ink, then the red and finally a protective laminate coating. The whole print is done in about 1 minute 20 seconds and is of equal quality to an online photo printing service, but they do work out at about 20p per print.

Overall a great little printer, if a little noisy.

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