When nothing goes right, go left


Photos of Buzzards, a medium-to-large bird of prey. Buzzards were once almost hunted out of existence but they've made a huge comeback, with numbers soaring in the past few years. In the UK, they are found in greatest numbers in Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and south-west England.

  1. John Turcott
    John Turcott

    I love your tutorial.

    I'm so reluctant to use Google for programming resources mainly because most examples are nothing more than borrowed information displayed in a non-common sense format.

    Your examples were perfect, right to the point, easy to understand and even the cut and paste worked as shown!

    Thank you, John Turcott

  2. Richard

    Brilliant tutorial, thanks!!

  3. Marvin

    Thanks for this tutorial, it was a great help in getting me started within minutes!

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