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Bristol Aero Collection, Kemble

The Bristol Aero Collection is dedicated to preserving the aircraft, helicopters and aero engines produced by the Bristol Aircraft Company. In 1995 the Collection agreed on a 10-year lease for a hangar at Kemble Airfield, and in Easter 2000 opened to the general public for the first time.

  1. Penny Baker
    Penny Baker

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the tremendous effort it must have taken to put up such a detailed site! It has been a very effective learning tool for me.
    However, today I ran into a compiler problem when I tried the code on the "Constructors and Destructors" page.

    The message read:
    'testClass': member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type

    After banging around through different sites, I realized that it was complaining about the 'void' keyword in the constructors. I have VS Professional 2008, and it will not allow return types for constructors. Changing the line to read:

    static testClass()

    worked like a charm.

    Just thought I'd let you know...

    Thanks again.
    Penny Baker

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