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All the writings in this category are about myself, my dreams, goals, ambitions and self-improvement.

Own a Vehicle With Each Engine Types
One of my life list items is to own a vehicle with each of the following engine types, from 1 to 12 cylinders and in various engine configurations.
A Series of Vivid Dreams
18/06/2010Dream Diary
This week I have been working hard in the sun building a garden deck with my brother in law. I don't know if it's the hard work or the sun, but I've been having a couple of very vivid dreams the past couple of days.
If you behaved like your government, you'd be arrested.Anonymous
I Was Shot! (In a dream)
06/05/2010Dream Diary
Last night I had a very vivid dream, probably one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. Not only was it vivid, but I have total recall of it.
I Can Ride A Motorbike!
01/05/2010Cars & Bikes Lifelist
I have just passed my CBT training so I can now legally ride a 125cc motorbike with 'L' plates. I started the training last week (24th April) but unfortunately ran out of time to complete the course.
Escape from the Volcano
26/04/2010Dream Diary
Last night I had quite a vivid dream about a volcano, although my memory of it is patchy. I have no idea on the location, only that home was there.
I’ve Climbed A Mountain!!!
22/03/2010Hiking Lifelist Wales
On Saturday 20th March 2010 me and my brother-in-law set off from Pen-y-pass along the PYG track all the way to the summit of Snowdon. After climbing on, over and through rocks, mud, scree, shale, snow and ice we eventually made it to the top.
Chillis: Don’t mess with ’em!
As I sit here at my desk writing this, my fingers are burning, my mouth is on fire and my nose.. well lets just say it's a tad sore.
Eaten by a Lion
20/01/2010Dream Diary
My dreams are very obscure and abstract. Last night I had a very strange dream although I cannot remember most of it.
MRI Scan Results
19/12/2009Health & Fitness
I've just had the MRI scan results back for my ankle problems. Hopefully I can get a diagnosis and treatment now.
My Self Confidence Transformation
27/11/2009Self Improvement
Improving my self confidence has been the single biggest improvement I have made this year. Higher confidence has enabled me to grow out from my comfort zone, try new things and meet new people.