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Jobs and Education

In these articles I write about my further education and training experiences as I strive to further my knowledge.

Starting a New Job in Edinburgh!
27/06/2014Jobs and Education
After what seems like an age hunting for a new job and going to interviews, I've finally been offered a position as a software engineer for a website design agency in Edinburgh!
Leaving Alexandra
09/01/2012Jobs and Education
After nearly 9 years working at Alexandra in Thornbury I shall be leaving the company January 31st along with all my friends and colleagues in IT, distribution, credit control, finance and purchasing who were unfortunately made redundant. We shall all be leaving at the end of Jan.
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Microsoft Certification
31/10/2008Jobs and Education
Yay! I have just passed my first Microsoft exam (70-315 C# Web Applications) as part of my Microsoft training.
I’m an Astronomer!
26/06/2007Jobs and Education
Its official now! I have just completed studying for a Certificate in Astronomy with the University of Central Lancashire, via distance learning, and the result: a pass (of course!)
Some Good News
Well, it seems like time to update with some new news as I haven't been updating for a while.
Jury Service is Over
16/09/2005Jobs and Education
The letter did the trick! I was excused from the trial because of my work commitments, and being Friday they don't tend to start new cases so we were sent home early!
Called onto a case, and bad news on the car
I was selected for a trial yesterday, a particularly nasty one, but I can't talk about it - under oath.
Jury Service
07/09/2005Jobs and Education
I have been on jury service this week, so far I have not been selected...