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Dream Diary

This is my dream diary, my diary in which I write about and recorded my dream experiences for future reference and analysis. You can find you what your dreams mean with the Weird Dreams dream analysis, simply enter a key dream symbol into the search box and hit enter to get your dream meaning.

Dream Diary: Immense Lightning & Monsters
08/10/2010Dream Diary
Last nights dream was a very vivid dream with large electrical storms, hairy monsters, an old house and military aircraft. Can you be any more abstract?
My Alien Invasion Dream
21/07/2010Dream Diary
Another strange dream last night, this time combining two recurring themes... the girl and the invasion.
A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of woodChinese Proverb
A Series of Vivid Dreams
18/06/2010Dream Diary
This week I have been working hard in the sun building a garden deck with my brother in law. I don't know if it's the hard work or the sun, but I've been having a couple of very vivid dreams the past couple of days.
I Was Shot! (In a dream)
06/05/2010Dream Diary
Last night I had a very vivid dream, probably one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. Not only was it vivid, but I have total recall of it.
Escape from the Volcano
26/04/2010Dream Diary
Last night I had quite a vivid dream about a volcano, although my memory of it is patchy. I have no idea on the location, only that home was there.
Eaten by a Lion
20/01/2010Dream Diary
My dreams are very obscure and abstract. Last night I had a very strange dream although I cannot remember most of it.
Storms & Melting Plants
14/11/2009Dream Diary
Had another dream last night, this time one of my very abstract dreams.
The Biggest (and most important) Discovery of All Time
31/10/2009Dream Diary
I am working as an archaeologist in a secret location in the middle of nowhere following up on a discovery made by a close friend. He had found an ancient cave decorated with pictograms and cave paintings dating back over 5,000 years. The pictograms and paintings give clear evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrials and that they had access to technology from today as well as our future. Carbon dating on the paint and surrounding evidence prove that a painting of an iPod was drawn in 3100 BC.
Girl at the Christmas Party
08/10/2009Dream Diary
Another strange dream last night, again revolving around a woman I cannot see or touch, but makes me feel good.
The Redhead in a Red Polka Dot Dress
28/09/2009Dream Diary
I had one of my unnerving recurring dreams last night. One of those that are seemingly normal but really disturb me, and I don't know why it does.