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Martial Arts

All about me and my martial arts experiences.

Tsuka Construction
03/01/2009Martial Arts
Inspired by a video on YouTube I have decided to have a go at making my own Tsuka (hilt) for a short Japanese blade using some blocks of wood and a few sword fittings I have been collecting.
My First Sageo Display Knot
03/12/2008Martial Arts
One of my recently acquired katana came with an untied sageo (silk cord used for tying the sword scabbard to the wearer). For display purposes the sageo cord can be wrapped around the saya (scabbard) and tied in a decorative knot.
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No Martial Arts Training For Me…
17/10/2008Martial Arts
I've been looking around lately for a martial art and I have narrowed the list down to a few, unfortunately due to the injuries I sustained in the car crash a few years ago I'm not the most suitable student for any of them.
My New Katana
21/09/2008Martial Arts Photo Days
I tried out some new techniques with my camera while taking these pictures of my new Katana.