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Here is a collection of amusing stories and articles relating to computing, IT, technology and the internet, as well as from experience from working in various IT departments over the years. No, the Internet is not broken.

What Makes This a Job For IT?
This is a scenario often played out in many an IT support department. Something goes wrong and it's IT's fault or problem. Even when something goes wrong that is nothing to do with IT.
Happy Binary Day! 01/11/10
Today is a binary day, that is a day whose date is written in pure binary code! Today's number is 30, which written in binary is 011110.
It always seems impossible until it's done.Nelson Mandela
Go On… Have a chuckle
In my permanent place of work we had an external contractor in to write an eCommerce website while I learned ASP.Net and C#.
Cress Keyboard
What happens when a work colleague goes on Holiday? A practical joke of course!