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Electric Guitar

My (unsuccessful) attempts at learning to play the electric guitar over the years, including some great YouTube tutorials and inspirations.

Rockin’ on my New Guitar
18/01/2014Electric Guitar
Just before Christmas I decided to start learning to play my guitar again, having given up when I couldn't play Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze after two weeks. I've now started from the absolute basics - Guitar for Dummies and Rocksmith 2014.
I’ll Never Play Like This….
25/01/2010Electric Guitar Videos
While I've been trawling through YouTube looking for tutorial videos and beginner lessons I have found a few examples of some truly awesome guitar skills. Have a look through and let me know if you can play like this!
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Helpful Guitar Equipment
16/01/2010Electric Guitar
I have started to invest in some helpful guitar equipment to help get the best out of me new guitar. This helpful guitar equipment include multi-effects pedals, tuners and new cables.
Electric Guitar Tutorial Videos
14/01/2010Electric Guitar
Whilst learning to play the electric guitar I have been trawling through YouTube to find tutorials and guides, and rather than bookmark the best ones and keep them to myself, I thought I'd share them with everybody else, so here is my collection of the best beginner electric guitar tutorials.
Behringer Vintager Guitar and Amp
06/01/2010Electric Guitar
While browsing the January sales online, I stumbled across this beginner guitar pack and thought to myself "Why not?" It was marked down in the sale and contains everything I need to play the guitar. Secondly, it will help me mark another item off my life list.