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Cars & Bikes

This is my collection of petrol head writings, be it about my cars, my bike, mechanics, motoring in general and a few of rants and raves about the state of the roads/traffic/people on them. You can also see what cars and bikes I have owned and their specifications.

Scotland Trip 2012
30/09/2012Cars & Bikes Scotland
Holiday time and once again, with myself, Rob and Heather heading off to Scotland for a mini road trip adventure in the Highlands!
Fitting Loud Pipes to the XV1900
19/09/2012Cars & Bikes Videos
Ever since I earned my motorbike licence I have ridden bikes with loud pipes and never had any kind of accident or collision. Three days of riding my new bike on standard pipes, a car driver "didn't see me" and went strait up the rear whilst I was stopped making observations at a junction. Time to change that and fit some loud pipes!
Don't think you are, know you are.Morpheus
Grrr… Rear Ended
17/09/2012Cars & Bikes
Three days after getting my new bike, some stupid woman driver goes strait up the back of it at a T junction - the excuse? SMIDSY!
My New Bike has been Delivered!
15/09/2012Cars & Bikes
My new bike was delivered yesterday and Rob and I went out for a short ride to Burnham and back, and today we went up through the Brecon Beacons (stopping off at Penderyn Distillery) and back round the coast of South Wales.
My New Bike: Yamaha Midnight Star XV1900
08/09/2012Cars & Bikes
Now that I have the compensation money, I've started looking at getting a new motorbike since the VN800 is a little under powered for my needs now; however this isn't what I started out looking for...
Farewell to the Yamaha YZF-R125
10/08/2012Cars & Bikes
It took a while, but since I no longer need my Yamaha YZF-R125 learner motorbike I thought I'd better sell it.
Farewell to the Mercedes 190E
01/06/2012Cars & Bikes
After failing an MOT for having tires on the legal tread limit, I drove home only to find that the breaks no longer worked!
Scotland Road Trip
24/10/2011Cars & Bikes Scotland
Way back, while sat in a pub drinking scrumpy, me and my brother-in-law Rob came up with a hair brained plan to do a motorbike tour around Scotland. We decided on early October to avoid the midges, caravans and tourists and with two weeks to go we set about getting the actual plan in motion.
I Have A Full Unrestricted Motorbike Licence!
28/09/2011Cars & Bikes
I've finally completed all four (4!) parts of the bike test and passed my MOD 2 test first time!
My New Toy! A Kawasaki VN800!!
10/09/2011Cars & Bikes South East
Another long day on the road, this time in a hired transit van heading to the South East, Hastings in particular, to pick up my new motorbike ready for when I pass my test later this month.