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Solar Physics

Solar physics is the branch of astrophysics that specializes in the study of the Sun and stars. These articles cover types of stars, the life cycle of stars, spectroscopy and observations of our Sun.

Spectral Classification of Stars
13/11/2008Solar Physics
In astronomy, spectral classification is a classification of stars based initially on photospheric temperature and its associated spectral characteristics, and subsequently refined in terms of other characteristics.
The Main Sequence
13/11/2008Solar Physics
The main sequence is the name for a continuous and distinctive band of stars that appear on a plot of stellar colour versus brightness.
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Birth of a Star
12/11/2008Solar Physics
In this article we will look at the birth of a star, stellar nurseries, star stuff and introduce the main sequence which describes the life of a star..
Variable Stars
11/11/2008Solar Physics
What are variable stars? Most stars have a fixed and constant brightness, however there are some stars that undergo dramatic changes. These are called Variable Stars.