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My Observation Logs

I have been a keen astronomer since 2006 my parents bought me my telescope for Christmas. Since then I have bought several other telescopes, completed university courses and even created my own website where I share even more writings and my astro photos.

First Moffat Astronomy Photos
21/02/2015My Observation Logs
It's been a while since I've been out under the stars, but tonight I took out my camera and photographed some of the stars and the moon from my own dark sky area for Moffat Astronomy.
Open Clusters, Double Stars and a Nebula
10/12/2013My Observation Logs
Last night I literally dusted off my 200mm (8") newtonian reflector and set about imaging some more of the winter nights sky.
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Getting Back into Astronomy after a Long Break
06/12/2013My Observation Logs
It's been a long time since I have done any night sky viewing, according to my last post on this website it was back in 2010! Well, now I have been out every clear night for the past month (only two nights!) with some new equipment and taken some amazing new photos.
Photos of the Moon
19/11/2013My Observation Logs
Tonight I took out my small telescope and camera an took a few pictures of the moon, and also used a camera lens with the same focal length for comparison.
My First Meteor Shower Photo!
14/08/2010My Observation Logs
With the annual Perseid meteor shower at it's peak, I set up the camera under clear skies to try again at photographing a meteor. After a number of years trying I finally managed to get one on digital film!
First Clear Night In Ages – And A Comet!
29/10/2009My Observation Logs
It was a nice cold, clear night tonight, and I was finally able to go out and see what all the fuss was about over this exploding comet I've been hearing so much about.
Harvest Moon Rising
27/09/2007My Observation Logs
Time for a quick update, the pain and swelling from my wrist operation are subsiding now which is good, and I'm sleeping better at night which is also good.
My Second M31 and Milky Way
15/09/2007My Observation Logs
Its been a while since I have done any astrophotography, mainly due to all the clouds and lack of a summer this year!
Great Night Viewing
12/08/2007My Observation Logs
Tonight I had a very good nights astronomy, starting with my first visual of Jupiter this year.
First Photographs with Skywatcher StarTravel 102
10/06/2007My Observation Logs
Yesterday I tried my first solar image using my new telescope and my Thousand Oaks filter.