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Observational Astronomy looks at the the more practical aspects of astronomy, including the basics of astronomical telescopes and instruments, observation tips, photography and imaging, how to guides and tutorials and a guide to the nights sky. You will also find information and news about the various space telescopes such as Hubble and Spitzer.

T-Mount Adaptor for DSLR Cameras
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
A T-Mount adaptor is essential if you wish to connect your dSLR camera to a telescope.
Antares Laser Collimator
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
Accurate collimation is vital for image quality in Newtonian optics, and this laser collimator makes the job so easy.
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SkyWatcher Auto Focuser
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
SkyWatcher Auto Focuser adds dual speed motor control to the standard 2" rack and pinion focuser making the small adjustments needed to obtain perfect focus much easier.
SkyWatcher Night Vision Torch
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
SkyWatcher night vision torch features red leds allowing you to see in the dark without disrupting your night vision. A must for everyone who has fallen over in the dark!
Skywatcher Red Dot Finder Scope
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
The standard red dot finder scope that comes with most Skywatcher telescopes.
Telrad Reflex Red Dot Finder
30/04/2009Equipment Reviews
One of the first gadgets I acquired is my Telrad reflex red dot finder. I was experiencing difficulty locating objects in the sky, mainly because I haven't learned every star visible yet.
A Guide to Asterisms
30/04/2009Observation Tips
Asterisms are patterns of stars (similar to constellations) that are either part of a constellation or entirely separate. They are as old as the constellations, and as well known, but are not recognised as official constellations.
Observational Astronomy
07/11/2008Observation Tips
Like most hobbies, getting started in astronomy can be quite challenging. From learning your way around the sky to the first telescope purchase, there’s lots to learn. Discover everything you need to know to get started in astronomy and a little bit more.
Skywatcher StarTravel 102 EQ1
07/06/2007Equipment Reviews
I have just bought another telescope, this time a short tube refractor.
Finally some clear skies when I’m not in work!
03/06/2007Observation Tips
Sunny during the day while I'm stuck in the office, get home and the skies cloud over.