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How-To Guides

These astronomy tutorials and how to guides will help you build and construct your own equipment and tools for astronomy observations. Learn how to optimise, calibrate, align or otherwise get the best from your equipment.

Resurrecting an Old Telescope
04/04/2014How-To Guides
I've just uncovered my old telescope, how do I go about making it usable again? How do I clean the mirror? How do I get everything back together properly?
How To Make and Use a Bahtinov Mask
15/02/2014How-To Guides
The Bahtinov mask is a device used to accurately focus astronomical telescopes. It is named after its inventor Pavel Bahtinov.
If it were easy, anybody could do it.
How to Photograph the Moon with a DSLR
20/01/2014How-To Guides
Find out how to photograph the Moon with your DSLR camera and a small telescope and capture amazing views of the Moon.
Buying Your First Telescope
09/11/2013How-To Guides
Buying your first telescope can be a daunting task. We show you what you should look for and how to quickly get up and running.
How To Install SynScan GoTo Upgrade Kit for HEQ5
03/11/2013How-To Guides
Detailed guide with pictures on how to install the SynScan GoTo upgrade kit for HEQ5 mounts.
Converting Microsoft LifeCam for Astrophotography
28/09/2013How-To Guides
Guide for modifying the Microsoft LifeCam series of webcams for use with astronomy which should fit snugly into a standard 1.25" focuser.
Your First Night With Your First Telescope
14/09/2013How-To Guides
How to get the most out of your first night observing with a telescope, including what to observe, when to observe, how to find things and which eyepieces to use.
Getting used to the Dark – Eye Adaption
02/05/2013How-To Guides
In order to gaze successfully around the starry skies you need to take into account a very important factor to do with your eyes. This is called dark adaptation.
Newtonian Telescope Collimation
02/05/2013How-To Guides
This guide shows you how to perform an optical alignment your Newtonian telescopes mirrors and get the most from your reflector telescope. It will look at using a homemade Cheshire eyepiece as well as using a laser collimator for accurate results.
How do I take Long Exposures with my Canon DSLR?
20/04/2013How-To Guides
What you need to know in order to take long exposures greater than 30 seconds with a Canon DSLR and "bulb" mode.