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Observational Astronomy looks at the the more practical aspects of astronomy, including the basics of astronomical telescopes and instruments, observation tips, photography and imaging, how to guides and tutorials and a guide to the nights sky. You will also find information and news about the various space telescopes such as Hubble and Spitzer.

25 Stunning Sights Every Astronomer Should See
08/06/2015Observation Tips
Here is a collection of my top 25 wish list items to see in the sky at night ranging from Iridium flares to solar flares and distant galaxies.
Sky Orientation through a Telescope
08/06/2014Observation Tips
Looking through an eyepiece, the sky will take on a different orientation depending on which telescope you use.
Good things come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.
What is the Moon Illusion?
16/04/2014Atmospheric Optics
The Moon illusion makes the Moon appear much larger when it is closer to the horizon. Find out why the moon is larger when its near the horizon.
Resurrecting an Old Telescope
04/04/2014How-To Guides
I've just uncovered my old telescope, how do I go about making it usable again? How do I clean the mirror? How do I get everything back together properly?
How To Make and Use a Bahtinov Mask
15/02/2014How-To Guides
The Bahtinov mask is a device used to accurately focus astronomical telescopes. It is named after its inventor Pavel Bahtinov.
How to Photograph the Moon with a DSLR
20/01/2014How-To Guides
Find out how to photograph the Moon with your DSLR camera and a small telescope and capture amazing views of the Moon.
Comet ISON Viewing Guide
Comet ISON is already visible through binoculars but it is set to get even brighter over the coming weeks as it makes its approach to the Sun. Here are a few pointers to observe the Comet of the Century.
Buying Your First Telescope
09/11/2013How-To Guides
Buying your first telescope can be a daunting task. We show you what you should look for and how to quickly get up and running.
How To Install SynScan GoTo Upgrade Kit for HEQ5
03/11/2013How-To Guides
Detailed guide with pictures on how to install the SynScan GoTo upgrade kit for HEQ5 mounts.
Why do Stars Twinkle?
I often get asked Why do Stars Twinkle? So I thought I'd answer the question with an article, and also mix in a few tips for astronomers looking to eliminate star twinkling.