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My writings and photos from days out and about, photography experiences and my paintings.


Royal International Air Tattoo 2009
18th July 2009Art & PhotographyTravel
Photographs from the 2009 Royal International Air Tattoo held annually at RAF Fairford.
My First Sageo Display Knot
3rd December 2008Art & Photography
One of my recently acquired katana came with an untied sageo (silk cord used for tying the sword scabbard to the wearer). For display purposes, the sageo cord can be wrapped around the saya (scabbard) and tied in a decorative knot.
My New Katana
21st September 2008Art & Photography
I tried out some new techniques with my camera while taking these pictures of my new Katana.
Yeovil Air Show 2008 Pictures
6th July 2008Art & PhotographyTravel
Yeovil Air Show hosted by RNAS Yeovilton (HMS Heron) on Saturday 5th July 2008, featured as its theme the role of the Royal Navy in the 21st century.
Happy Halloween!
31st October 2007Art & Photography
Happy Halloween everybody! I thought this year I would do something to celebrate, so what do you think of my first ever, hand carved, Jack o Lantern? I was really pleased with my first attempt, what say you?