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Hi, I'm Tim Trott. I'm a creative photographer, traveller, astronomer and software engineer with a passion for self-growth and a desire for personal challenge.

This is my website, a place for me to share my experiences, knowledge and photography. I love to help people by writing articles and tutorials about my hobbies that I'm most passionate about. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.


Exploring Wiltshire and Somerset in the Snow
18th January 2013Travel
It's that time of year again when the snow falls, schools close and big kids come out to play... This time we venture out in the Land Rover to exploring Wiltshire and Somerset in the snow
My BMW E30 Has Broken Down!
13th December 2012Cars & Bikes
I tried to leave work on time last night to beat the traffic - only to find that my BMW E30 will not start! Oh noes! my car has broken down!
If nobody hates you, you're doing something wrong.House
Buying a Land Rover 110 TD5
16th November 2012Cars & Bikes
An early morning starts with a flight up to Newcastle to pick up Robs new Land Rover 110 Defender.
My New Car: 1990 BMW 318IS
5th November 2012Cars & Bikes
It's been a while since I last drove a car - my Mercedes broke down back in June and I've been riding my bike ever since. Now I have a new car ready for the bad winter weather.
Scotland Trip 2012
30th September 2012Travel
Holiday time and once again, with myself, Rob and Heather heading off to Scotland for a mini road trip adventure in the Highlands!
Fitting Hard Krome Loud Pipes to the XV1900
19th September 2012Cars & Bikes
Ever since I earned my motorbike licence I have ridden bikes with loud pipes and never had any kind of accident or collision. Three days of riding my new bike on standard pipes, a car driver "didn't see me" and went straight up the rear whilst I was stopped making observations at a junction. Time to change that and fit some loud pipes!
Grrr... Rear Ended
17th September 2012Cars & Bikes
Three days after getting my new bike, some stupid woman driver goes straight up the back of it at a T junction - the excuse? SMIDSY!
My New XV1900 Midnight Star has been Delivered!
15th September 2012Cars & Bikes
My new XV1900 Midnight Star was delivered yesterday and Rob and I went out for a short ride to Burnham and back, and today we went up through the Brecon Beacons (stopping off at Penderyn Distillery) and back round the coast of South Wales.