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Hi, I'm Tim Trott. I'm a creative photographer, traveller, astronomer and software engineer with a passion for self-growth and a desire for personal challenge.

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Honda Civic Radio and Stereo Installation
11th February 2006Cars & Bikes
The Honda Civic Radio is a good unit from the factory, but for many, it does not offer the features of an aftermarket system. Some may wish to replace a faulty unit or upgrade to a CD player or add the option of subwoofers.
How to Replace Rear Speakers Honda Civic
11th February 2006Cars & Bikes
Here is a quick guide to on how to replace rear speakers in a 1996 Honda Civic Coupe with pictures. The process may or may not be the same for 1992-1995 models, I have not seen one for comparison.
Good things come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.
Honda Engine Swap Saga
13th August 2005Cars & Bikes
This is the story of a simple engine swap gone wrong. Rouge traders and incompetent mechanics lead to the engine swap from hell.
Faulty O2 Sensor/Heater on Honda Civic
27th July 2005Cars & Bikes
If you get a MIL on the dash - get it checked asap. I had a faulty O2 Sensor showing an error and kept putting it off and off and nearly killed my car.
Honda Check Engine Light Codes (CEL Codes)
22nd July 2005Cars & Bikes
All Honda models (1992-2000 models) are equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic system (ODB) which illuminates a malfunction or check engine light on the dash. You can read codes from this light to determine the cause of the error.
Fixing Boot Leak in 1996 Civic Coupe
16th May 2005Cars & Bikes
I have had a boot leak for the past few months now, and it's been driving me up the wall as I can't seem to find all the places it's leaking from.
Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhaust in my Civic
6th March 2005Cars & Bikes
I'd been thinking of getting a full stainless steel exhaust for a while now, with a quieter and smaller muffler, and since the Koni suspension was fitted I had been having trouble with the lower control arm knocking on the exhaust each time I go over a bump.
How to Properly Detail Your Car
3rd March 2005Cars & Bikes
A guide on how to detail a car from start to finish including several tips to really bring out the best finish and show shine.