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Hi, I'm Tim Trott. I'm a creative photographer, traveller, astronomer and software engineer with a passion for self-growth and a desire for personal challenge.

This is my website, a place for me to share my experiences, knowledge and photography. I love to help people by writing articles and tutorials about my hobbies that I'm most passionate about. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.


VeilSide Titanium Teardrop Exhaust
23rd May 2007Cars & Bikes
I bought a VeilSide exhaust at Japfest last Saturday from Nemesis Performance trade stand (with a huge reduction in price) and it has just arrived.
Thrills and Spills at Japfest 2007
20th May 2007Cars & Bikes
Japfest 2007 is one of the UK's largest gathering of Japanese Performance vehicles, and this year was set to be the biggest Japfest ever. There were plenty of high-performance cars on show, including Ten of the Best, Driftworks and loads of other power cars.
Want a thing long enough and you don'tChinese Proverb
Strange Cylon Light in my Skyline GTR
25th April 2007Cars & Bikes
I have in my Nissan Skyline GTR a strange Cylon style light cluster mounted onto the ceiling, and I cannot see any useful purpose for it (or ANY purpose for that matter!).
Trackday at RAF Colerne
14th April 2007Cars & Bikes
My Brother-in-law and a couple of good friends went to RAF Colerne today as they were hosting a track day.
Putting my Knee to the Test on Jacobs Ladder
24th March 2007Myself
Putting my knee to the test by climbing Jacobs Ladder in Cheddar Gorge, a little over a year since it was shattered in a car crash. I was discharged from hospital exactly one month ago.
Back on All Four Wheels
8th February 2007Cars & Bikes
Finally, I have a car of my own again - almost a full year since my Honda Civic was written off in a serious car crash.
Xtreme Automobiles X1 Concept
20th January 2007Cars & Bikes
Xtreme Automobiles have been developing a new 2 seat coupe, the X1 Concept, which delivers 350-500bhp from a turbocharged 2-litre engine normally found in the Mitsubishi Evo 9, and the same 4 wheel drive running gear.
Bad Weather
7th December 2006Travel
What is it about abnormal weather that causes everyone to turn into morons, drive like idiots and bring a whole city to a virtual standstill?